Angry Turtles

Merc Unit


“Command” Lance
TDR-5S Thunderbolt – (Alexander “Max Kantz” Konnigswald) – “The” Angry Turtle – Vet – BV 1842
BLR-1G Battlemaster – Reg – BV 1519
MAD-3M Marauder – Reg – BV 1335
ON1-K Orion (Ryan O’Ryan) – Reg – BV 1429

Battle Lance
HCT-3F Hatchetman – Collerge? Some dirty Frenchy name – Reg – BV 854
HBK-4G Hunchback – Reg – BV 1041
VND-1R Vindicator – Reg – BV 1024
HER-2S Hermes II – Reg – BV 784

Scout/Pursuit Lance
JR7-F Jenner – Reg – BV 1011
JVN-10F Javelin – Reg – BV 827
COM-2D Commando – Reg – BV 541
CDA-2A Cicada – Reg – BV 659

Union Dropship – Reg – BV 3962
Scout Jumpship – Reg – BV N/A

Total Cost – 50,319,614
Total BV – 16,828
BV (Without Dropship) – 12,866


The Turtles are a Merc company with an odd past. Alexander, or “Max” as he was popularly known was a deserter from the Lyran Armed Forces or an unfortunate, cast loose in the various political schemes of said military depending on who you ask.

He arrived on Solaris VII with his clothes, a Pistol, a Nagelring knife and his family Thunderbolt. Through a healthy dose of luck and more than a little skill, he managed to grow his reputation and resources through fights in the various Arenas. As he was getting close to breaking into the big leagues though, LOKI started sniffing around. Apparently someone from his past wanted him to stay dead/gone/lost.

Normally, Max would take an agent of LOKI trying to capture or kill him rather personally but man did she look good in a bikini. So he ended up marrying her. While Angela did her best to keep Max safe and “hidden” it was not to be. Max’s name and likeness were becoming too public and the various underworld figures that had been backing him and the stable he was part of picked a very large criminal turf war. It was a good time for Max and company to leave the planet.

Quite a few fellow Mechwarriors were ready to leave Solaris so Max was able to start up his own Merc company. Eight mechs, a smattering of support personal including Angela as their chief financial/intelligence and administrative officer gave them a beginning. Their recent work for the Draconis Combine saw the Turtles see off a force of Rasalhague separatists from controlling a vital spaceport on a border world.

The salvage from that operation coupled with some recent recruiting efforts should see the Turtles grow into a full company here soon. With some luck they may even get some transport assets.

Recent operations have seen some light skirmishing with the Turtles mostly making out the better. The last fight saw the savaging of the opposing lance but for the loss of the Commando. The techs are currently working overtime trying to put it back together to reconstitute the Scout lance.

Angry Turtles

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