Alpha Strike in the Time of War

Battle of Bug Mountain

How the Battlin' Bugs almost made a Battlemaster fall

SO there we were on a 2 mapsheet table, the Battlin Bugs came to play with Lt Brickhouse's lance. 1 Flea (the LT)

1 Cicada

1 Locust

1 Spider


1 Battlemaster

1 Warhammer


    It was a brawl, an actual many many turn brawl which finally in the end saw the valiant bugs defeated, but damn, that Battlemaster was shredded. His legs were both showing internals, and both torso's and arms werent far from it. the center torso was nearly half gone, but the head was fine.

        The bugs were able to do a lot of kicking and swarmed lasers. Unfortunately the Warhammer felt it was ok to mug the poor spider. The spider lost his arms, and took a gyro hit to the point were he just couldnt stand back up. the Cicada was last man standing for the bugs, but the pilot was unconscious and most of the upper part of the mech was just gone. The locust got punched into oblivion, literally as did the valiant flea. both of which had either a missing leg or a busted hip.

        The objective was to destroy either the heavy or the assault and get off board with at least 2 mechs. That didn't happen but we gave it a go.  All in all a fine time was had by all. The SRM-6 was the goat of the fight with the lowest hit rate per shot. Medium lasers ruled the roost and there was a round of kicking that saw 3 light mechs surround and kick the crap out of a battlemasters legs (that was the same round it donkey punched the lights to death, but hey, overall it was great. The warhammer accounted for the spider, sorta….the battlemaster took out the rest in melee, go figure :D



matthewpomeroy74 matthewpomeroy74

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