Alpha Strike in the Time of War

Bug Mountain....2.0

How a flea goes out in the first shot and a locust kills a battlemaster

   The rematch, what can I say….The "Battlin' Bugs" did proud, despite a slow start. The first shot of the battle started with a clean PPC shot to my flea (who happens to be the lance commander, and the most well armed of the bunch) that got a center torso crit first shot, that just happened to hit all that nice MG ammo :( the flea got squished.

   Welll lemme tell yah, that took some wind outta the ol' sails losing the "boss" of the bugs first shot of the game and was starting to get nervious, but then, the spider saw his old enemy the warhammer and it was…to quote the great judge Mills Lane.."IT WAS ON!!!!" well the fight of course turned into a scrum. Odd I know considering, but there was a DFA attack from spider to warhammer that caused his big arse to go off a lvl 5 cliff :D (I point out that this was the same warhammer who mercilessly blew off his arms and eventually killed him last game…yeah yeah I know, I "killed" myself with a lot of failed piloting rolls, but still blame the "bullyhammer" :D)

            So the shots they been being fired back and forth, in what was somewhat a comedy of missed shots. But a Highlight Reel for the bugs was that the lowly locust, having taken a shot to the grill himself and missing a machine gun, managed to hit the battlemasters giant dome not once, but three times, finishing the brute off with 2 med laser and 1 mg hit during the course of the game.

         The tragedy was our next death, while attempting yet another DFA the spider (who knew it would cost likely his legs, but muff it!) with a mere 27 total "bubbles" left managed to suffer 26 of them in shooting….confetti falling to the ground, not the glorious jump of doom (I did say he would be all over that warhammer like a retarded spider monkey..just thought it wouldnt be as ticker tape in a parade). We declined rolling hit locations due to the ….excess of damage.

     This put the Bugs (our heroes, remember) in the odd position of being able to actually win this scenario, by doing what they do best…..running at top speed with their tails tucked! and we did, winning the rematch!! huzzah!!


matthewpomeroy74 matthewpomeroy74

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