51st Recon Company, SHI

Free Worlds League Silver Hawk Irregulars unit


5-3 scout lance “Battlin’ Bugs”



The Silver Hawk Irregulars were the provincial force of the Silver Hawks Coalition. Much like the coalition itself, the regiment’s status depended on the world that was responsible for supporting it, with some worlds providing the dregs of society and others their best and brightest. They benefited the most from Thomas Marik’s reforms, as their training and equipment was generally upgraded and evened out. The Irregulars were shattered during the Jihad.

The Irregulars were resurrected in May of 3137 by Captain-General Anson Marik of the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth to oppose the offensive by the Lyran Commonwealth. They have so far lived up to the “Irregular” part of their moniker by employing irregular tactics against their better-equipped enemies.

51st Recon Company, SHI

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